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V8 Tourer


Introducing the V8 Tourer

Inspired by the continued worldwide popularity of the Epic V8 Surfski, we have combined the high-performance pedigree of surfski design with elements of traditional kayak touring. For paddlers pushing the boundaries of fitness, touring, recreation, adventure racing and downwind surfing, the V8 Tourer can do it all! With bow and stern cargo hatches, bulkheads, and both over-stern and under-hull rudders included, you can navigate waterways and distances where conventional surfskis cannot. The volume and depth are slightly greater than the V8 Surfski to handle gear stowage. The V8 Tourer bow shape borrows its profile from the Gen 4 V10 and Gen 3 V12, a very streamlined nose that is less affected by crosswinds and helps the bow rise after punching into a wave. The stern has been optimized for tracking when the over-stern rudder is utilized. Seat width and shape is similar to the much beloved V8 Surfski, while the “hump” in the cockpit has been lowered slightly to accommodate paddlers with shorter leg lengths. The V8 Tourer comes standard with over-stern and under-stern rudder options (excellent added value, with minimal modifications needed to change rudders) and utilizes a full Epic footboard with steering pedals.

The open cockpit design of the V8 Tourer offers many advantages over a traditional closed-deck kayak. Safety, simplicity, comfort and ergonomics – all combine to boost your technique so you can enjoy your time on the water with ease and reach your destination with less effort. The V8 Tourer represents an exciting new development in Epic’s touring range. Take your paddling to the next level!

The V8 Tourer comes standard with the following: front and rear carbon fiber hatch covers, bulkheads fore and aft, stern kickup rudder and uphaul line, optional under hull rudder, adjustable Epic foot brace, bow and stern handles, center carry handles, rear deck bungees, water bottle holder and Epic’s patented bailer.

For the V8 Surfski with no hatches, see V8 Surfski
V8T Top View.png


Length: 18’ (5.48 m)

Width: 20.8” (52.8 cm)

Depth: 13.8” (35 cm)

Capacity: 320 lbs. (145 kg)

Hatch volumes: Front – 22.4 gallons (85 liters); Rear – 20.3 gallons (77 liters)

Paddler Fit: 5’0” to 6’7” (1.52m to 2.0m)



38.4 lbs (17.4 kg)


  • Infusion grade foam core

  • A composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar

  • Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy

  • Black bow & stern



34.6 lbs (15.7 kg)


  • Nomex honeycomb core

  • A Composite hybrid of Kevlar fabric, carbon fiber and fiberglass

  • Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy

  • Red bow & stern

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