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The Epic Boat Sock will help protect your boat while in storage or on the road from sunlight and light scratches and rubbing. It is made of a soft fabric material with a little bit of strech. Several sizes available, so please choose your exact boat. If you do not see your boat listed, it is possibly out of stock - please contact


Please check out the Product Information section for more info.

Boat Sock

  • Please ensure to choose the correct shipping for boat socks - they are $30 shipping.


    Note that the fit is not as tight at the back part of the boat, as there is some space in the sock to account for the shape of the skis as well as to accept any length rudder. V7 fits into the V8 cover with a bit of extra material left unused.


    Warning: Boat sock is breathable and therefore is not waterproof or completely dust proof. The sock does not provide protection from hard impacts or from dropping your boat.

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