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V8 Double

The Epic V8 Double is everyone's double kayak!

"Several years ago, the Epic V8 opened up surfski to a completely new and much broader market. Surfskis were no longer unstable racing craft capable of being paddled only by professional athletes. Suddenly, anyone could get onto a V8 and paddle proficiently from the first day.

In the same way, the Epic V8 Doublemakes surfski paddling even more inclusive. Newbies will appreciate the way they can jump on and go without spending their first sessions bracing or capsizing. The V8 Double gives intermediate paddlers the confidence to venture out into more adventurous conditions - Surf’s up! Experts will enjoy showing their non-paddling friends or relatives the thrill of surfski paddling. The V8 Double is also the perfect vehicle for parents to introduce surfski to their kids.

Even though it is stable and user-friendly, the V8 Double has the look of a racing machine. Ergonomic cockpits and Epic’s signature cutaways at the paddle entry allow for efficient strokes. There are no hatches to break up the sleek lines of this craft, but rear deck bungees and bottle holders are included. As you’d expect from Epic, the V8 Double comes with fully adjustable footbraces and the revolutionary Epic bailer in each cockpit.

The Epic V8 Double is easy to carry with side handles at each cockpit in addition to bow & stern handles. The front cockpit accommodates paddlers from 5’0” to 6’7” in height, while the rear cockpit will fit those from 4’10” to 6’5” tall."

Specifications Length:      22’ (6.7 m) Width:        22.4” (57 cm) Depth:       15” (38 cm) Capacity:  485 lb. (220 kg)

Approximate Weights Ultra                  42 lb. (19 kg) Performance   53 lb. (24 kg)


FAQ: 1. How do the seat widths of the V8 Double compare to other Epic models? The V8 Double seat width is equivalent to the seats in our V8, V8 Pro and V10 Sport models. The seats are wider than our V10, V12 and V14 models, while slightly narrower than the V10 Double seats.

2. How does the stability of the V8 Double compare to other Epic models? The V8 Double will feel similar in stability to the V7 and V8 models. It is slightly less stable compared to the V5 and V6. It is much, much more stable than the V10 Double.

3. Why is the rear cockpit shorter than the front cockpit? The rear cockpit is 16mm (5/8”) shorter than the front cockpit and will fit people who are about 2” shorter. This is to allow a wider range of paddler sizes to enjoy the V8 Double. If one paddler is exceedingly tall, they will fit better in the front. Conversely, kids or shorter paddlers will be more comfortable sitting in the back.

4. Will I be faster in the V8 Double with a similarly skilled paddler than I am in the V8? Yes, 2 paddlers of any level in a V8 double will be faster than the same paddlers in single skis. This makes the V8 Double a great choice for racing and fitness.

- Greg Barton (Epic Kayaks Designer)

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