The Paddle Wizard

Welcome to the Paddle Wizard by Epic Kayaks!

Epic makes a paddle to fit just about every style and need, but sometimes deciding on which paddle you need can be confusing.

Our detailed Paddle Wizard can help you decide. Use the drop down boxes to select the best criteria that fits you and your needs,
and our Paddle Wizard will choose the best paddle for you.

The wizard will suggest an exact length of paddle, but all Epic paddles are adjustable by 10cm, so it's easy to find the perfect paddle length for you. The Epic Paddle Wizard was developed using years of experience collected from Greg Barton and the rest of the team at Epic Kayaks. Let our experience help you to find the right paddle and get out on the water!

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Do you race, paddle for the health benefits, or just do it for fun? Select your paddle use here.

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What is your strength? How much power do you have in your stroke? Choose your level here.

Your Fitness

What kind of shape are you in? Do you paddle regularly? What is your endurance?

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