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New Elite Color - Grey

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Introducing our new elite color scheme for the 2022 season. A few new grey elites are already on the water, with more coming in over the coming weeks. Why the change from Black to Grey on our elite skis?

Whilst we have loved the black elite ski, we have made the update for the following reasons:

• the change is to the gel coat only - our elites are still built in the same tried and tested manner (carbon fiber) • a consistent color for the cockpit, deck and hull • to keep paddlers (and the ski) cooler in warmer climates • for longevity - our aim is to keep the elites super light but have a gel coat that doesn't show up surface scratches easily • to keep the weight down whilst still providing enough durability for everyday use.

The new grey elites will continue to use the same 'white' tips and Epic branding consistent throughout our fleet.

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