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Meet the People Who Paddle Epic Surfskis

We asked paddlers from around the world to share what they love about their favorite outdoor activity, as well as their favorite Epic surfski model. You can feel the passion in their answers. We hope you will enjoy the stories of these adventurous and committed surfski enthusiasts.

V5 – Bill Fletcher, Carlsbad, California

Bill cruising the rugged and remote Chanel Islands off southern California.

What is your favorite Epic surfski, and why?

I have been paddling an Epic V5 for the past year and love it. For a wider ski, the narrow bow area allows for an efficient forward catch, similar to a racing ski. I started paddling surfskis and outrigger canoes 20 years ago, and average 4 paddles per week for about 20 miles total.

Do you paddle mainly for fun, fitness, racing, adventure, or for all those reasons?

When I first got in to paddling, it was for fun and also racing in the SoCal Winter series. I no longer race, and paddle mostly solo for fun and exercise.

Where do you mostly paddle the surfski? What are the typical conditions like there?

My wife and I travel between San Diego and Santa Barbara and out to the various Channel Islands during the Summer in our 46 ft. Trawler. I paddle in the various marinas we stay at, and at the Channel Islands which is arguably the most beautiful place in SoCal to paddle and explore the Islands. The ski is often tied up behind our boat in some rough conditions, and the plastic rotomolded construction has proved to be very durable.

V6 – Barbara Kossy, former president of Bay Area Sea Kayakers in San Francisco.

Barbara exploring Lake Quinault, Olympic Peninsula in Washington State

What is your favorite Epic surfski, and why?

The V6 is my ski of choice. I can get vertigo on the ocean in a narrow kayak, so the V6 can really get me out there. I often paddle alone and need a ski that’s comfortable and ocean worthy. That’s the V6. I can relax and watch birds, beat into a wind, do a little low-key surfing on a following sea, all in comfort and safety. It’s highly maneuverable. I was able to execute a tight left turn on a dime and avoid hitting a surfacing humpback whale!

I also appreciate the kick up rudder. I can slide over kelp or paddle a shallow river. The boat also paddles well with the rudder up, sometimes necessary when I’m exploring a channel or river, or to get over thick kelp or seaweed. The cockpit is comfortable, and I love the cutaway front, allowing me to practice better paddle form. It’s easy to adjust the foot pedals, use the Venturi drain and even grab my water bottle. I love it has hatches, though I’ve never camped with it, it’s great for carrying safely gear, food and picnic supplies. I have the Ultra, so it’s easy to cartop and even carry solo (if it’s not windy). It’s just a great all-around sea kayak. I expect a technically superior, reliable and capable ski, and I found that in the V6.

How long have you had the V6? 3 years

How long have you been paddling surfskis, and how often do you get on the water?

I’ve been kayaking for more than 30 years. Paddling surfski for around 20. I started out training on spec skis. And owned a couple of racing skis. Too bad about that vertigo, or I’d be a different paddler now. I get out about twice a month. Sometime more if the weather is good, or I’m in a ski friendly location. We travel with our skis since they’re so easy to cartop and fun to have on any adventure.

Do you paddle mainly for fun, fitness, racing, adventure, or for all those reasons?

I paddle for fun and fitness, to get closer to wildlife, birds, marine mammals— to experience the open waters, to see the sea and clouds, and trees and fishes. And I love paddling with friends. It’s a great way to get together and socialize. I’m 70 years old and deeply appreciate a kayak I feel comfortable taking out solo. It’s a good match for my skill set and expectations.

Where do you mostly paddle the surfski? What are the typical conditions like there?

Now I mostly paddle from Princeton Harbor into Half Moon Bay (California). If it’s windy or choppy I’ll stick to the harbor. The harbor is flat but can get windy. The ocean when I paddle it has a swell of less than 7 feet, and winds less than 15 mph. When traveling I paddle on the ocean, up rivers, in lakes and reservoirs. If it can float a boat, I just may be paddling there.

V7 – Brett Long, Professor of Trumpet at Eastern Tennessee State University. Brett has won the New River Trail Triathlon, back-to-back (40mile bike - 12mile down river paddle- 13.1 mile run and set the course record in September 2022 using the V7 for the river leg.

Brett and his hard-earned New River triathlon trophy

What is your favorite Epic surfski, and why? How long have you had that model?

The V7 is a great all-around boat for multisport and adventure races. Its combination of light weight, speed, and durability make it an excellent choice for open water paddling and river runs. If I need one surfski for a variety of water conditions, the V7 is the ticket.

How long have you been paddling surfskis, and how often do you get on the water?

4 years, 3-4 times per week

Do you paddle mainly for fun, fitness, racing, adventure, or for all those reasons?

Mainly for fitness and racing

Where do you mostly paddle the surfski? What are the typical conditions like there?

Primarily lake paddling since it's the most convenient access, but it is certainly nice to take the V7 to the river and not have to worry about rocks causing significant damage.

V8 - Boyan Zlatarev, owner/operator of the Surfski Center in Tarifa, Spain

Boyan at work in his “office”, the Surfski Center

What is your favorite Epic surfski, and why? How long have you had that model?

My favorite surfski is the V8 and I like it mainly because it’s very stable. I have been paddling V8 since the first version came out (in 2010) and found it addictive in downwind because its limited speed forced me to learn how to surf downwind without relying exclusively on power and speed.

How long have you been paddling surfskis, and how often do you get on the water?

I have been paddling since 23rd August 2000. That was my first day off a week after I arrived in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to take a job as a lifeguard. I tried my friend’s lifesaving surfski, I fell a bunch of times (didn’t move even 1 meter forward) and stepped on a stingray, which stung me. My first paddling session was over, and I was already addicted. I currently paddle 2-3 times per day.

Do you paddle mainly for fun, fitness, racing, adventure, or for all those reasons?

I paddle mainly as part of my job (and I have fun while working) but I also paddle purely for fun on my days off.

Where do you mostly paddle the surfski? What are the typical conditions like there?

I paddle on the coastline of Tarifa, Spain. This is the most southern point of Europe where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. I call Tarifa “a downwind paradise” and this gives away the most typical conditions we get here - great downwind.

If you would like to experience the V8 with Boyan in the “downwind paradise” of Tarifa, check out the Surfski Center:

V8 Pro – Terry Smith, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Terry and Justin, V8 Pro champions at the 2019 Chattajack, Tennessee River

What is your favorite Epic surfski, and why?

My favorite Surfski is actually the V10, but I sure do perform better in rough water in my V8 Pro. I love both boats. I don’t have a lot of opportunity to paddle in the ocean or to do a lot of downwind paddling. Here in Tennessee, the water is usually extremely flat, so I paddle my V10 the most. When I go to the ocean or to the Columbia River Gorge, for example, my pick is always the V8Pro. Why? I just paddle it a lot better in rougher conditions. It's more stable and I don't spend all my energy trying to balance and stay up right. It performs great in rough conditions. I just have so much more fun in the V8 Pro in these types of conditions and I'm faster than I would be in my V10.

How long have you been paddling surfskis, and how often do you get on the water?

My paddling career started when I was 9 and I'm now 57. Growing up in East Tennessee I was introduced to whitewater at an early age and was into exploring rivers and pushing my limits in Class V whitewater. I got into Wildwater racing (downriver) in my late 30's. I realized to be fast, I needed to do a lot of flat-water workouts and the surfski was the perfect boat for training. It didn't take long to fall in love with surfski. Before I knew it, I was doing more flatwater races than whitewater races. Most of the races I do are local, like the ChattaJack. Last year (2021), coming out of Covid, I was super motivated, and was training 5-6 days per week. My sole focus was to win Three Rivers Regatta, The Ocoee Race and ChattaJack. I'm lucky because I live on the water and it's easy to grab my boat and go.

Do you paddle mainly for fun, fitness, racing, adventure, or for all those reasons?

I paddle for fun and fitness. Paddling is a great way to have fun and stay super fit. It's low impact and a full body workout. Meeting all the people along the way has also been fun. I've made so many lifelong friends and am blessed to have so many paddling friends.

Where do you mostly paddle the surfski? What are the typical conditions like there?

Tennessee has so many scenic places to paddle. Deep gorges like the Tennessee river gorge abound in East Tennessee. I love to paddle on rivers and lakes. I spend most of my training days on my 26-acre neighborhood lake. I also spend a lot of time on the Tennessee river. The conditions here are mild for surfski, as it’s mainly a lot of flatwater. Whenever I get the chance, I love taking my V8 Pro to the Ocean. We go to Charleston a lot and to the Gulf of Mexico.

V9 – Justin Schaay, proprietor of Surfski Charleston

Justin on a downwind holiday with the V9 in his native South Africa

What is your favorite Epic surfski, and why?

I like them all except the tippy ones! I started out with the V8 Pro and loved that boat, it was an excellent starting point as I had some experience paddling SUP but not the stability or skills to manage the narrower boats like the V10 or V12. It was a great choice to start out with and work on my technique and raising my comfort level in all sorts of conditions. The bonus was that it fit into the kayak class (20” beam, 19’ length) in most races, and this was a fun group to paddle with, competitive but not on an elite level - just a great fit for me.

I have since switched to the V9 as my go to boat and I’m loving it. It still offers a bit of a challenge for me given the width but has amazing secondary stability and I feel super comfortable in a variety of ocean conditions, playing in the waves or hitting a downwind run. Downwinding in the V9, I find it surfs the swells with ease and agility which makes for some fun rides. I really enjoy the fit of the bucket, for me it’s a little more snug than the V8 Pro and I feel like I am one with the boat. I love the carry handles, too - makes it so easy to handle, on and off the roof racks or down to the beach.

I have had the V9 since it first came out here in the US. (2020) I have been paddling surfskis about 5 years. I love paddling so I try get out as often as I can depending on when I’m home or not. I try go a couple of times a week and I enjoy attending some races.

Where do you mostly paddle the surfski? What are the typical conditions like there?

I mainly paddle in Charleston, South Carolina, both on the tidal creeks and in the ocean. My favorite paddles are those with a group of friends and locally that is often a loop around Sullivans Island or if we’re lucky and conditions permit a downwind run with a good NE wind.

V10 Sport – Salli O’Donnell, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Salli with her 3 Epic surfskis and trophies. She has since acquired a 4th Epic boat – and more trophies to come.

(Note: Salli is the undisputed queen of ultra-distance paddle racing in the USA. In 2022, she was the fastest Solo Unlimited Woman in the ultra-grueling 260 mile Texas Water Safari (on her V9 surfski) and was the first woman to finish the insanely difficult Great Alabama 650 (yes, that’s 650 miles).

I'm often asked which surfski is my favorite and, having paddled and raced so many, I can truly say I have several "favorites" and they all are Epics. In general, I can say that I prefer Epic surfskis to any other brand mainly because of the quality (best bang for your buck out there), bucket (not too shallow, not too deep, perfect back slope), catch (nice and narrow) and footboard (so easy to adjust on the fly). As far as nailing down which Epic surfski is my favorite, my choice depends on what conditions I will be paddling in and how long I expect to paddle in those conditions. When it comes to long distance races, especially those with wonky water, my Epic V10 Sport is my "go to" ski! When not racing and I just want to play in conditions that are churning or motorboat activity is hectic, my V10 Sport is ready for action. Since I picked up my Sport about 17 months ago, I have paddled over 2,000 miles in it of which at least 1,600 were racing miles in rivers as well as large open waters. It is stable, agile, and nimble allowing me to crank at my normal pace with very little need for bracing even when I'm exhausted.

I've been paddling surfskis for a little over 7 years. I was a long distance, open water sea kayaker but fell in love with surfskis - and racing - when I got my Epic V7 in May of 2015. My first real race was a 100-miler on a beautiful river in Virginia and from then on my main paddling passion has been all about surfskis. I do love to train and race but I also enjoy paddling for the sheer joy of being on the water, playing with dolphins, jumping on boat wakes, or just shaking out the cobwebs in my head. Now that I live in Florida, I am on the water at least 4 days a week from January through October and about once or twice a week during my "off" months of November and December. My choices of paddling venues in the panhandle of Florida are diverse and plentiful. I mostly paddle on the bayous and large bays near my home where the waters can be flat at one moment and whipped up into a frenzy the next. I also periodically pop out and play on the surf of the Gulf of Mexico or the swift waters of a twisty, inland river, all providing many opportunities to build ski handling skills.

V10L – April O’Gorman, Port Orange, Florida

April trains with the V10L in Florida and off Manhattan, NY

The Epic V10L is my go-to ski because I do surf lifesaving competition and ocean-distance paddling.

I am on the US National Team for surf lifesaving as a ski paddler and on the US Team for ocean distance surfski paddling. The spec skis used for surf lifesaving are heavy boats. The V10L is slightly lighter and more unstable. I believe training in the V10L is the perfect balance of weight and stability for the two different types of paddling I do.

I have had my V10L since the beginning of 2020 and have been paddling surf skis since 2017. I have paddled many places in the US but usually train in north Florida where I typically paddle once a day. The fastest kilometer I have ever done was in my V10L off the coast of Volusia County, FL while a fall cold front was rolling through and turned up the wind swell. I needed the stability of the V10L for sure that day. Currently my V10L lives on the westside of Manhattan where it sits waiting for low tide and some south wind (which feels very similar to the Columbia River Gorge). I try to get out in it two or three times a week when I am in NY.

V10 – Mark Goldberg, owner Surfski Maui

Mark finishing another paddle session in paradise

The Epic V10 feels like it was made for me. I have been using the current revision since it was newly released (2018), in fact I was asked to help pick up the first load from the docks and I put one right in the water there at the harbor! It felt indistinguishable from the older V10 in the flat conditions of the Kahului harbor - but when I got her out on a Maliko, that's when I fell in love! We get a very wide range of conditions here, and at this point I've had it out it on hundreds of downwind runs, and it is extremely responsive and surfs well in virtually everything I throw at it.

I've been paddling for eight years. I get on the water around four days a week, year-round. I originally started strictly for fitness, but as I progressed and started doing downwind runs it became so much more fun than just working out.

I paddle in Maui. In fact, I've never paddled anywhere else. I mainly do the Maliko run, but love getting onto the Southside run here whenever it shows promise. The conditions range all over here. One day you can be on the Southside with the ocean handing you easy Disneyland kiddie ride waves, and the next day you can get on massive winter Maliko swell demanding every bit of technical ability you have to give. And everything in between! I'm so blessed to live in a place with these epic runs, and I take advantage of it as many days as I can!

SLS 10 – Nate Humberston, San Diego, CA

Nate making it look good at a Surf Life Saving competition

What is your favorite Epic surfski, and why? How long have you had that model?

Paddling in a variety of locations and conditions, I tend to have a lot of “favorites.” However, as a long-time lifeguard, I’m definitely a bit partial to the SLS 10. I’ve been lucky enough to paddle this surfski since it first came to the USA in 2018.

I sat in a surfski for the first time in 2013 while traveling Australia’s Gold Coast. It was actually a lifesaving spec ski, like the SLS 10! The longer I’m in the sport, the more I enjoy it. These past years, I’ve been getting on the water five or six days each week.

Do you paddle mainly for fun, fitness, racing, adventure, or for all those reasons?

I paddle for all of these reasons. You get to play in the great outdoors while keeping fit and healthy, and the sport comes with an awesome community. I’m a huge fan of competition, and I love that paddle racing often leads to travel and adventure in new places.

I live in San Diego, CA, and most often paddle the channel out of Mission Bay to chase runs in the open ocean. Afternoon wind is pretty reliable here, and you can score some really fun downwinders. I have to say, though, that I probably most enjoy paddling down to the Sunset Cliffs to ride some big, outside, set waves.

V11 – Nicole Birkett, East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Nicole, totally stoked with her V11 Elite in South Africa

What is your favorite Epic surfski, and why?

My favourite Epic Surfski is the V11. I’ve finally found a boat that is not too big for me, therefore having less drag when trying to pull over big bumps. She is lightning fast in flat conditions and sucks into both tail and slide slips with ease. She has an ingenious scupper device that allows you to open and close it. When closed at the start of a race, you have no resistance which is fantastic and acceleration has no resistance in any way!

I use quick changes of direction in downwinds allowing me to utilize both swell and wind chop, having a boat that is slightly shorter gives me the maneuverability I need to cut across runs and change directions picking up swell and conserving energy on the runs. Operating the V11 in large ocean swell and big winds is a pleasure but you have to know how to manage the boat and variables. You don’t just bomb down runners, you weave which is far more effective and efficient. I’ve taken her out in 5m swell with a 35knot wind blowing (to my parents’ and husband’s horror and I handled her perfectly).

The V11 has a very comfortable, seat bucket because it’s a smaller ski, you don’t feel like you are sinking down and paddling uphill, you feel higher up, which allows for greater paddler reach and power. The V11 is truly a very special boat. I’ve found her to be both stable and fast.

I’ve paddled surfskis for 10 years but have recently just comeback from a four-year international racing break having two beautiful boys Danny and Davey. I’m almost back to where I want to be, it shouldn’t take much longer with a few minor changes to my training regime.

Currently I paddle to race and always aim for the podium, adding to the aforementioned, I truly love this sporting discipline because of the awesome vibe as well as how friendly and kind fellow paddlers are. I’ve made friends for life through this sport and have memories out at sea in my surfski that I will treasure forever. I love the freedom that I feel in the ocean.

I live in East London, South Africa with my wonderful husband Andy Birkett (World Champion kayak marathon) and precious little boys. We live 5minutes away from a beautiful river and beach, but we usually opt for the sea and if the wind blows we hit a downwind. Conditions vary, we have beautiful, picturesque ocean days and then on other days we have massive ground swell and strong winds which is when I come into my own.

V11 – Alexandre Ferreira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What is your favorite Epic surfski, and why?

I believe the V11 is an amazing boat. It works with little or a lot of wind. The boat has a comfortable cockpit (I'm small - 72kg). For Molokabra (an ocean downwind race in Brazil that Alexandre won in September 2022) it is perfect! The frequency of the waves is very high, short (wind generated) waves...The ability to maneuver in waves makes V11 easy to connect waves and go really fast.

V12 – Jasper Mocke, Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Jasper slicing through a Millers Run along the Cape Point Peninsula, South Africa

I find that the V12 allows me to extract every bit of potential or performance from my body and translate that into speed, surfing and therefore, fun. For a surfski paddler there can be no more frustrating situation than seeing where you want to go and not being able to take the ski there because you feel uncomfortable, and you are not able to paddle to the best of your ability. If surfski paddling was art, the V12 allows me to express myself.

With a few other elite paddlers, we recently spent the day testing some ski's and the first apparent feature of the V12 that jumped at the crew was the comfort of the cockpit. When you get into the V12 there's an "ahhh" moment. Like settling down in your favourite couch after a long day out! I'm a smaller paddler so fitting into a cockpit has never been an issue for me, but the bigger lads tell me how good the V12 sitting position is for them. Beside the space in the seat, you feel on top of the stroke. You are sitting 'downhill' which gives you extra leverage as you pull yourself forward.

On a downwind, especially the bigger days, the V12 has been designed to 'pop up'. This happens when you drop down into a steep trough, so you are at speed. I think it helps me to maintain speed which sets me up perfectly to use that speed for the next run. I find that the V12 can surf a swell at a greater angle than most surfskis I have paddled. Once I get myself into a swell and I have accelerated I can surf diagonally across the face of the swell maintaining that speed while I am scanning downwind for the next trough to drop into. This process we call linking is what turns individual swells into a long downwind piece. The ease and flow with which each little 'link' happens is what makes an enjoyable downwind.

I live in Jeffreys Bay on the east coast of South Africa, and I have had the V12 Gen 3 for almost two years. I mostly paddle it in bumpy ocean conditions where the wind and waves could be coming from any direction. My sessions always include catching loads of waves and are mostly out and back paddles. I balance my sessions between the V12 and the V11 and would have a hard time deciding on a favourite between the two. I love competing and being fit makes that a whole lot more enjoyable! So, my paddling has a big fitness component to it but I do not force myself to do workouts that are onerous. Surfski paddling is unrivalled in water sports as it allows you to do a full-on workout while having serious fun surfing swells and covering distance along a coastline. The cocktail of endorphins and adrenaline is addictive (I stole that from my brother!).

V14 – Barry Lewin, Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. Owner of Surfski Africa

Barry traverses a beach break along the South African coast

My favorite Epic model is the V14. There are a number of stand outs when it comes to the Epic range like the seat comfort, body ergonomics, bailer system which outshine the rest but specifically, it’s the V14’s acceleration that I love the most. The boat works well for me on all conditions. Designed as Epic’s fastest model, the boat is a rocket ship on the flat. In downwind conditions the acceleration comes into its own catching runs with less effort and lightning speed.

My love for the ocean started as a kid doing lifesaving and developed into racing K1’s and surfskis. For the last 20 years downwind paddling has been my ultimate passion and these days I get in the water 3 to 4 times a week.

I think we all have a competitive spirit in us whether it be beating a Personal Best on a local course, racing mates or winning titles. It brings out the best in us along with the bonus of doing it in nature, around like-minded people and keeping physically fit. Luckily paddling has little to no impact on the joints so I intend on spending the next 50 years exploring new waters on my Epic surfski.

About half my paddling in on flat water doing group training sessions, keeping fit. The other half is on open ocean conditions off the coast South Africa which most would consider quite extreme with multiple wave breaks, big swell and wind.

Barry dancing with the sets – Surfski, South African style

V8 Double – Tanys Cabra, Mililani, Oahu

Tanys and her double surfski partner Beth Brand chasing trade wind swells, Hawaiian style

The Epic V8 double is my FAVORITE surfski! There is no better boat. From stability, speed, fun, and versatility for almost all conditions - WOW!!

I started surfski paddling 4 years ago on the back of the Epic V8 double on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. I grew up on the prairies of Canada where the ground does not move underfoot! My partner is my “chauffeur” (she steers in the front) while I am the “engine” (providing power from the back). We progressed from small bumps downwind to a hurricane swell offshore of Oahu! The waves were huge, it was massively windy and the best downwind of all time! We flew!! It was so epic that we did it a 2nd time the same day!!! I NEVER could have paddled it on a single surfski, even today.

After starting on the double surfski, I have since purchased an Epic V8 single. This past year I still raced most races with my partner on the double, as we are just so fast how could I resist, and some of the race conditions on the south shore can be quite large waves. I am 100% comfortable in any conditions on the double. It’s bigger, more stable, and if I miss bracing, my partner likely is doing it. We competed for the first time in 2019 in Perth, Australia completing The Doctor which is 27 kilometers. At the time it was the furthest we had ever paddled!! I had the greatest opportunity this year to race in the V8 double with Davey Brand, my coach and the Hawaii State champion, in a race on the east side of the island. We were in a 3-way tie for 2nd most of the race and finished 4th overall! Not 4th against other doubles…the 4th boat to cross the finish line against some pretty amazing male paddlers! Not sure I’ll ever see the front of a race like that again but here’s to hoping!!

I love to compete, but I paddle with friends several times a week not only for exercise but just because I love it so much. Nothing is better than being on the water. One of my non-paddler friends has been asking me to take her out and yesterday was the first time I paddled with anyone other than my coach or paddle partner and it was a newbie, not even another paddler!! I guess it has all come full circle and the student has now become the teacher. LOL! We had a lot of fun and paddled one kilometer in 5 minutes flat catching some runs out! Pretty fast for a small day, beginner in the ski and me driving!! We also caught a super fun wave into shore! I know she’s going to get hooked! In conclusion, I think everyone would be happier, healthier and have more fun if they owned an Epic V8 double! But you don’t have to take my word for it…you can always come out to Hawaii and give it a go!

V10 Double – Sarah & Jim McKay, Honolulu, Hawaii

Jim & Sarah in sync off Waikiki

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Epic V10 Double! We've had it for almost 2 years. It's the perfect blend of speed and stability. We love that we can get on the water together in the same boat. We both have a background in flatwater sprint kayaking, so the V10 double is versatile in all types of water conditions and the closest to a K-2, yet ocean worthy.

We have been paddling surfskis since we were both in high school and did Varsity Kayaking (it's a high school sport in Hawaii), so that means 30+ years for Jim and 25+ years for Sarah. We get on the water together about 2-3 times a week. When we are coaching high school kayaking, we get on the water at least 4 times a week.

At the moment we paddle for fun. Our racing goal is to cross the Ka'iwi Channel (Molokai to Oahu) in our V10 Double (plans were put on hold due to the pandemic). We also coach high school kayaking, and our school has a V10 double. The double is great for helping new kayakers learn good technique when they paddle with an experienced athlete; it's also fun for the kids to be in a "team" boat.

We paddle in the waters off East Oahu, mostly in Maunalua Bay and occasionally do downwind runs from Hawaii Kai to Waikiki or the Ala Wai. There are usually trade winds, so depending on the day it is a nice mixture of calm water in the bay and some good bumps downwind.

See details about all 15 of the Epic surfski models here:

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