Epic weedless rudder 320

Weedless Surfski Rudder

Seaweed slowing you up? Epic’s new Weedless Rudder for the V-Series surfskis is the answer. Combined with our carbon Weed Deflector (sold separately), the weedless rudder is designed to shed seaweed and prevent those irritating hang-ups during your training session or race.

**Replacement rudders may sometimes need the rudder shaft trimmed, due to the handmade nature of our boats. The shafts can be easily cut with a hacksaw, if adjustment is needed. If you are not sure what exact rudder length you need when ordering, you can email us the exact length of the original rudder shaft that came with your surfski. Otherwise, choose your boat model from the drop-down list below.

For help installing your surfski rudder, please watch the following video:

Paddle wizard