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Leg Length and Fit

All of Epic surfskis and sea kayaks are adjustable to accomodate a large range of paddlers, but there will always be those few who fall outside of the range. There are many factors that must be taken into account when determining a paddler's fit in a specific boat. We provide an estimated range of paddler heights with each model to give our customers an idea of who will fit in that particular boat. As you approach the short or tall end of the Leg length specs, it is important to consider all of the following to help determine whether you will fit:

  • At any given height, a person can have drastically different leg lengths. ex: A paddler might be on the short end of the height chart, but have very long legs for their height, and therefore fit in more models.

  • The paddler's preference for knee height will also have an affect. ex: A very tall paddler with long legs who prefers very little knee height will possibly limit their fitting ito certain models.

  • Wearing thick water shoes will increase your leg length, as will adding footpads to the footboard and pedals. This can help give extra reach for shorter paddlers, but could hinder the extremely tall.

  • The size of your rear end can also make a noticeable difference. It can shift you forward in the seat, helping you reach the pedals easier.

If you fall comfortably within the listed height range and do not think any of the above list applies to you, you can reasonably assume you fit in a particular boat. As you get closer to the extremes, we highly recommend having a demo in the boat to know for certain. Contact your nearest Epic Kayaks Dealer or Agent to arrange a demo.